Quote of the Day

    " Better three hours too soon than a minute too late. "

William Shakespeare

We were in the grocery store


We were in the grocery store. You wanted ice cream even though it was cold out.
You couldn’t decide which flavour and I was teasing you about being so indecisive sometimes.
I suggested we just buy every flavour in the store and you laughed.
It was the kind of laugh I could listen to for the rest of my life. You said I was silly and you kissed me, pressed against me so I could feel how cold the top of your nose was.
You were only in sweats, hair so messy from being in bed all afternoon. And in that moment I knew I loved you more than anyone else I had ever loved.
In that moment I know you were my once in a lifetime. And yet all we were doing was looking for ice cream.
Courtney Peppernell, Pillow Thoughts

I once read this,liked it and forgot where I read it, then It took me 3 months to find it out again!